C. Moore Hardy

Documenting Sydney’s LGBTIQ history over more than 40 years

David Humphries

Creating public art and mural work in Sydney

Suzanne Alexopoulos

On planning a sculpture to memorialise Mum Shirl

Catherine de Lorenzo

Memorialising Father Ted Kennedy and Mum Shirl

Lindy Hume

Sydney Festival, The directors mission to give Sydney a voice.

Brett Sheehy

Attracting a younger audience to the Sydney Festival.

Lieven Bertels

Interview with Belgium born former Director of Sydney Festival.

Anthony Steel

The struggles of a Sydney Festival Director from 1995 to 1997.

Fergus Linehan

The first foreign director of the Sydney Festival.

Leo Schofield

Mr Sydney. Pleasing a public who pay for the arts.

Tony Albert

Yininmadyemi - Thou didst let fall. A Hyde Park sculpture.

Fiona MacDonald

Native Stranger' A Sydney based visual and installation artist.

Dean Sewell

Guerrilla Gallery' An unauthorised photographic installation.

Catriona McKenzie

The upbringing, education and career of an Indigenous filmmaker.

Caroline Rothwell

'Youngsters' The artist behind the bronze sculptures.

Bob Bolton

The Bush Music Club, Castlereagh St in central Sydney

Richard Bradshaw and Tina Matthews

Puppets and productions. The Marionette Theatre of Australia.

Ben Strout

A career within the Australian Theatre of the Deaf.

Michaelie Crawford

Crawford and Turpin. kinetic installations in the public sphere.

Martin Sharp

An Australian Pop Artist, his childhood and artistic influences

Florence Bell

'Professor Wallace', entertainer magician, juggler, stuntman.

Adam Norton

Conceptual art. The Tank Project, Art & About 2008.

Eric Stevenson

Living in APV. The Tank Project, Art and About festival 2008.

Michael Thomas Hill

Forgotten Songs' The meaning behind a permanent public art work.