Frank Wong

Growing up in Surry Hills

Joyce Lee & Ruby Young

Settling into life in Pyrmont

Billy Pascoe

Woolloomooloo local heroes

Beth Thorpe

Communism, unionism, and growing up in Woolloomooloo

Jean Jurd

My childhood in Woolloomooloo

Claude Williams

A phenomenal four sports career

Paul Patterson

Sydney through the lens

Dolun Teoman

Working with migrant groups

Jim Piotrowski

Saving Green Ban Parks

Marjorie Love

Till death do us part - my Darlinghurst

Mel Fitzpatrick (DJ Feisty)

Life on the 'gay mile'

Johnny Allen

The Bohemian world on our street; cabaret, conspiracy, clubbing

Jim McLean

Glass blowing, bottle caps & combs

Joan Gamble

Joan loves glass

Lloyd Ross

Unionism, 1917 Strike & the railways

Stan Jones

Work at the Eveleigh railway workshops

Billy Wales

Victory in sight - the 1917 strike

Craig Johnston

Politics, Oxford St gay scene & Mardi Gras

Keith Mulhearn

Family life on Fitzroy Street in Newtown in the 20th century.

Jean Hendy

Domestic life in Newtown in the 1930s.

Les Cross

Spiritualism and religion on Dickson Street in Newtown.

Zena Sachs

Growing up Jewish in Newtown.

Brendan Doyle

Childhood reflections of post-war Newtown.

Agnes Phillips

From Scotland to Millers Point. A migrant's life in Sydney.

Tony Prescott

Preserving Millers Point and the high value of real estate.

John Ross

Life, work and community in Millers Point.

Patricia Phillips

The 'Battle of the Landladies'.

Eileen and Bill Pearson

Life, marriage and living in the millers point neighbourhood.

Ray Newey

Life as an active member of the Millers Point local community.

Jack Mundey

The Green Ban. A leader of men and protector of local history.

Adrien Meredith

Negotiating community concerns over Millers Point developments.

Harry Lapham

A lifelong home. Recollections of Millers Point upbringing.

Harold Kerr

The strength and significance of a Millers Point community.

Ronald Josephs

The priesthood, catholicism and friends in Millers Point.

Clarice and Robert Johnston

The changing face of Millers Point, a familys view.

John Hawthorne

A Tally Clerks post war Millers Point upbringing.

Boris Schkut and Nick Pastor

The Fragmented family life of the Millers Point Pasto brothers.

Flo Seckold

Life in a Maritime Services Boarding house in Cumberland Street.

Marie Shehady

31 years a landlord. Life in a Millers Point boarding house.

Maureen Stapleton

Millers Point. Loving its past, fearing for its future.

Beverley Sutton

One family and four generations in Millers Point.

Joan Taylor

Millers Point resident recalls her life in inner Sydney.

Judy Taylor

Crooks, raids and religion. Local culture in Millers Point.

Russell Taylor

Growing up along changes to Millers Point

Helen Xiros

The Millers Point Youth Centre, a community favourite.

Graeme Goodsell

Breathing life into the old buildings of Millers point.

Phyllis Flynn

Remembering the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Opera House.

Joe Fitzpatrick

A GPO worker recalls a life Millers Point as a young man.

Joyce Feeney

Moving on from Millers Point.

Warren Cox

A Millers Point schoolboy turned labourer looks back on his life.

Millicent Chalmers

The good, bad and ugly side of life and work in Millers Point.

Dawn Caruana

A a working class life as part of the waterfront community.

Teri Carter

Living on the edge of Sydney's harbour

Russell Fitchett

Recalling an adventurous 50's childhood around Millers Point.

Shirley Fitzgerald

Millers Point history and factors influencing its development.

Bill Ford

Jobs, life and opportunities for the Millers Point local boys.

Des Gray

Our Millers Point playground

Gaylene Harkin

One of nine. A child from six generations of waterside workers.

April Harrison and Chantelle Shackleton

A youngster's perspective on living in an historic neighbourhood.

Brian Harrison

My aunt the activist. Remembering local figure Shirley Ball.

Frank Hyde

A Millers Points boy who found fame on the field.

Janet and Cathie Farley

A family reflects on their life as part of the local community.

Alice Brown

A family's long association with the locality of Millers Point.

Fiona Campbell

The social makeup of the Millers Point Community.

Kath Burgess

Remembering an adventurous childhood in Millers Point.

Betty Borg

Remembering 55 years in of living in Millers Point.

Michael Armstrong

A Millers Point family's association with the Palisade Hotel.

Amanda Barlow

A life born into a Millers Point wharf labouring family.

Lawrie Anderson

From Navy serviceman to Millers point shop owner.

Kathy Ingram

Life in and around the flourishing inner city of 1960's Sydney.

Grace Schwebel

Life in post war Newtown.

Dean Ingram

Remembering life growing up in Redfern and Waterloo.

Jane Lanyon

Childhood ingenuity and survival strategies of the Depression.

Harry Brennan

A in a working class life growing up as one of 12 children.

Robert Hammond

Characters and criminals. Life in the 30s and 40s Alexandria.

Beverley Hunter

Growing up in working class Chippendale.

Bev Karonidis

Growing up in pre-war Redfern.

Vivi Germanos Koutsounadis

From Greece to Glebe and beyond. A Sydney migrant story.

Ted McDermott

Recalling the culture of working class inner city Redfern.

Betty Moulds

The oldest daughter. A strict post war upbringing in Alexandria.

Maureen Oliver

Erskineville - life, learning, singing and bookies

Bill Schwebel

Living with childhood poverty in working class Erskineville.

Sir Nicholas Shehadie

Childhood, inner-city life and becoming Lord Mayor of Sydney.

Cliff Noble

Local boy turned Deputy Lord Mayor remembers a life in Sydney.

Loretto Thurgood

Growing up in post war Newtown and Erskineville.

Kate Dunbar

Life and times of an immigrant during the 1930s Depression era.

Frank Altoft

Life as a young UK migrant during the 1920's Depression era.

Anne Ramsay

Growing up in Redfern. Recalling a childhood in the 1920s.

Richard Mewjork

A very varied career. From Salesman to professional wrestler.

Mick Green

A son of a politician describes his childhood, life and politics.

Henry Brown

The many aspects of working class life in 1930's Erskineville.

Gavin Harris

Living a life in Kings Cross, Sydney's best known precinct.

Dario Lo Schiavo

Growing up a middle class Italian in 1920's Potts Point.

Nick David

Woolloomooloo shop owner reflects on business and his forebears.

Giovanni Lo Surdo

1960's life in a Woolloomooloo Sicilian fishing community.

Sydney Fennell

My local Alexandria. Childhood, family and friends.

Michael Toohey

The regeneration and disappearance of industry in 'old' Waterloo.

Greg Smith

Christian faith and the Metropolitan Community Church.