Ron Sewell

Discussing the benefits of the HPIC telephone referral service.

Carol Basile

HPIC and Sydney's YWCA's Homeless Brokerage Programme .

Mauricio Parraguez

How HPIC staff assist some of Sydney's long term homeless.

Kaylean Smith

Homelessness and the increasing cost of real estate in Sydney.

Liz Giles

Character traits of the front line call operators at HPIC.

Elaine Armstrong

The work and history of The Country Women's Association.

Max Raine

Man about town, A lifetime in the Sydney real estate business.

Jack Bell

Family life. 67 years of living on Sydney's Rosebery Estate.

Ian Milliss

Politics and personalities. The Victoria St squats of the 70's.

Ann Symonds

The Astor. Pros and Cons of living in a historic building.

Richard Childs

Communal living in the 1970s. A suburban Sydney childhood.

Robert McEntyre

The pleasures of growing up atop of a 1950's Sydney office block.

Dan McNamara & Jane Dillon

Autonomous House. A 1970's experiment in sustainable living.

Sr Anne Jordan

HPIC. Cana Communities helping those in need.

Elma Fleming

HPIC. Day-to-day life at the Wayside Chapel Crisis Centre.

Margot Currey

Life as an artist in co-operative housing in Erskineville.