Digital stories, articles, essays, audio features and slide shows showcasing oral history in Sydney.

Apology Day at Redfern

On 13 February 2008 former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered an official apology to Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, with specific reference to the Stolen Generations, at Parliament House in Canberra. Hundreds of Sydneysiders gathered at Redfern Community Centre to watch the live telecast of Kevin Rudd’s apology.

Voices of Millers Point

The voices of Millers Point paint vivid pictures of the past. In 2005 the Department of Housing undertook a large oral history project with tenants and residents in Millers Point. Here the memories of Alice Brown and Des Gray are combined with historic photographs of Millers Point.

Creating Pirrama Park

Pirrama Park is now a key section of a 14 kilometre foreshore walk around Sydney Harbour, and is part of the general revitalisation of once heavily industrialised Pyrmont. This is the inside story of creating Pirrama Park.

Sydney Festival Turns Forty

Lifting the curtain on Sydney Festival. Commissioned by the City of Sydney to interview past and present Directors of Sydney Festival, Martin Portus reflects upon the evolving nature of Sydney Festival and the important role the directors have played.

Members of the Australian Olympic Team in front of the Town Hall 1993, City of Sydney Archives NSCA CRS 904/1356

Remembering Sydney 2000

This slide show combines vox pops recorded during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 with photos from the City of Sydney Archives. It was produced by the City of Sydney’s History Team for the 10th anniversary of the Sydney Olympics in 2010.